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  •  2008, Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences (Sci. D.), Taganrog Institute of Technology of Southern Federal University (TIT SFU), Taganrog, Russia,

    • Sci. D. Thesis "Probabilistic and possibilistic models of describing the uncertainty in the problems of image processing and analysis", Scientific adviser: prof. Alexander Karkishchenko;
  • 1993, Candidate of Physical-Mathematical Sciences (Ph. D.), Rostov State Universite (now SFU), Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
    • Ph. D. Thesis: "Some properties of holomorhic functions of countable number of variables", Supervisors: prof. Vladimir Rogozhin and prof. Valentin Kakichev;
  • Faculty of Automatic and Computer Technics, Taganrog Institute of Radio Engeneriing (TIRE) (now – TIT SFU)(M.S.), Engineer-mathematician 1986


Work experience

  •  2009 – p.t., Professor, Department of Mathematics on Faculty of Economics Science, HSE, Moscow, Russia;

  • 2011 – p.t., Deputy Head, International Laboratory of Decision Choice and AnalysisHSE, Moscow , Russia
  • 1998 – 2009, Researсher, Deputy Head, Head, Laboratory of Mathematical Methods of Artificial Intelligence (LMMAI), TIT SFU, Russia;

  • 1990 – 2009,  Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Department of Higher Mathematics, TIT SFU, Taganrog, Russia;

  • 1997 – 2007, Teacher of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Lyceum, Taganrog, Russia. ​​​​


Research interests

  • Theory of Belief Functions and its Applications
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Data Analyses
  • Decision Making under Uncertainty 



  • Complex Analysis (for students majoring in Applied Mathematics);
  • Mathematical Methods of Artificial Intelligence (for students majoring in Applied Mathematics);
  • Course of Higher Mathematics (two-year course for engineering students);
  • Mathematical Analysis (for students majoring in Applied Mathematics);
  • Uncertainty and Fuzziness in Data Analysis and Decision Making.


Research projects and grants

  • RFBR (#18-01-00877) "Development of methods for qualitative analysis and aggregation of information obtained from various sources within the framework of the belief function theory with applications to the financial sphere and political science", 2018 - pt, (Head of Research Grant)
  • RFBR (#14-07-00189) "Study of information aggregation rules in the framework of an imprecise-probabilistic approach with applications to assessing the quality of financial and economic expert information", 2014-2016, (Head of Research Grant)
  • RFBR (#11-07-00591) "Theoretical research of imprecision indices of monotone measures and their application in problems of estimation uncertainty and informative non-deterministic systems", 2011-2013, (Head of Research Grant)
  • RFBR (#08-07-00129) "Research of the multiresolution sign pattern representation at the tasks of biometrical information analysis under development of the information security systems", 2008-2010, (Head of Research Grant)

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